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Minggu, 25 September 2011

Something that can not afford to be forgotten

This is the real me, always regret coming. I currently love someone so deeply that I was unable to due so deeply into the surface. I've always imagined yourself, miss, and I'm proud in front of them. Because you are so perfect for me, to the extent that this self does not deserve to be at your side. But I was glad to have you even just a few days. There is one memory that I can not delete and even arguably the most beautiful memories. Where am I and you walk together to a place where the place is so quiet and beautiful. There you hold my hand tenderly. Something that has never happened before saying 'I'm sorry we have not had the street together when we're together yesterday'. About a quiet honest I have a feeling happy, surprised, sad, and all seemed beautiful to me at that time. Honestly do you just pretend it so I'm not too disappointed with the decision who prefer him. But I do not care about it all because at that moment I felt a happiness that had not yet I feel so deeply. At that time we join hands with warm talk about the meaning of a person's life. Wanted at that moment I revealed that I still love him. But it all yet I can not because you're still with her. And you had asked me if you've got me a replacement. Honestly I was speechless at that time and I just say 'I can not forget you even though I have tried all ways'. Maybe I'm typical of people who the voters in choosing a mate. And all I'm looking for is within you. But you drown the taste of this for you because you love her more than me. Now forgive me if until now you still loved me so deeply. And I can not go against time to forget you. Because I hope there is still a glimmer of hope to be able to unite our hearts again. Who knows how long ...

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