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Minggu, 25 September 2011

My feel

6611, it is a string of numbers that remind me of someone who never stopped in my life. Gradually I could not get out of a sense of it. I want to kill this feeling over and over again but think it keeps coming back. Why do not you be my position if someone is sincere affection, but you chose the other because he was over I got everything on appeal. Your heart may be more comfortable with him now. Extreme weather, that's how I feel today. Uncertainty will I do with these feelings. Sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy. Maybe once I've let go of love so I dreamed, but now I do not want everything to happen a second time. For to me, you figure that made me comfortable and happy. You can change the mood to be cheerful after I have borne with internal problems in my family. Now that means there are 2 people in my life are my mom and you. I wanted to have your heart once again I will use the occasion as well as possible. But if I can still get that opportunity. Now forgive me if today I can not kill my feelings for you. Because it all does not deserve to be killed. But I'll wait ...

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